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Juggling Chainsaws

Sprintahs Make the Best Bobsleddahs

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singing country western songs in irish bars
10 October 1981
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Love is Hot. Truth is Molten. What is Delicious

My name is Mike, but you can call me Dude Love. Why Dude Love? Its not because im a huge Mick Foley fan, its because I wore a Dude Love shirt to school once, and the name stuck. Because of that, I wore that Dude Shirt a lot-- im even wearing it in my college ID photo. Or at least I was, until I lost it and had to get another one taken.

Im a Ten time member of JC's Beer Cult at Fuel and Fuddle in Oakland. That includes the 500 level where you get your own mug, or what JC once called The fifteen biggest douchebags in Oakland.

Im also a Six Time Barreller of the Week. An honor bestowed upon me for excelling in the arts of barrelling, whether it be coming in clutch in games of beer pong, eating insane amounts of hot wings, starting a clothing line, or eating the occasional raw steak or taking a shot known as the Rocky IV. Gawd do I Barrel.

Im a lapse catholic, and in many ways subscribe to my own made up philosophy of Happenstantialism. It's basic tenet? God is luck.

I do things the hard way--like a post post-modern man.

I once was proclaimed Dodge Ball Champion "1986"

If you want to know more about me, you can visit the bio page of my website, or wait for my books, Juggling Chainsaws: A Beginners Guide and Juggling Chainsaws: The Revenge, to be offered online at a modestly outrageous price. You can get to my site by clicking on the following banner:

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